Sunday, March 23, 2014

just a tiny reminder for the old me

dear self,

 i know u re struggling inside. just wanna let u know i love u and im proud to be u. Allah has determined me to be you and im so thankful to Him.  u've met Him before. U've made promise to Him. don't you remember? i hope u'll always remember Him all the time. as He once said:
"when My servants asked about Me, tell them (Muhammad), I AM NEAR".
"qarib" - near. near near near.
yeah He's so near to you. 
yesterday,  u went to Mufti Menk's talk and u dont even know where u r as u r lost somwhere, u talked to Him along the journey. i wanna ask u WHY?

cuz He listened to you and He'll always listening to what u says everyday!

then He ease ur journey in such a way that u think its impossible for you to reach there in a short time.

so again i ask, have been thankful to Him for what He gave u all this while?
have u? have u?

so now, stop your confusion. now u know who loves u the most rite? so what are you waiting for? be close to Him. How?

1. know the meaning of the Quran verses that u read everyday. dont be fool by the melodious recitation without knowing the meanings. 

2. i know u'r trying hard to balance everything. dont ever forget to pray to Him every sec. cuz LIFE is HOPE. don hope for the appreciation of the creatures. the don even know a single thg! hope to the one with Ultimate Love. 

p/s: i know you can do it, inysaAllah, with Allah's helps. He'll aid u. no worries okay. 

"just like a butterfly come out of her cocoon. the cocoon is now open, i knew i had to leave"

"He'll ease ur journey when  u start to move ur feet. so MOVE!"

Urs sincerely,
-the light of happiness, the old new me-

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