Tuesday, June 5, 2012

weird . touched . cry

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang

sometimes when i just listen to someone reciting Quran or even listening to opick's song my heart would feel "smthg" which i don knoe how to describe it. At one time, i was listening to opick's song entitled cahaya hati, then all of sudden i started to cry. (i cant give any logical explanation for this kind of situation). i asked myself: "kenapa kau nak nangis2 ni?? chill lah"  but it was hard to stop crying at that time. that night, i started to think maybe Allah is trying to remind me that I've done so much sin or i'm too immersed with dunya. yes, as a human i admit it bcoz, life in IB is not easy as what i've imagine. its get tougher n more challenging.
i always nag, complaint, criticize every time i fail to achieved my goal (eg exam). but i never look the positive side of it. Maybe now is the right time to change. yeah it is neva to late to change to be a better person. agak malu untuk berubah, tapi Allah itu kan Maha Melihat, Maha Penyayang kepada hambaNya. mesti Dia akan tolong kita jugak. just believe that Allah is always by ur side , and everythg gonna b fine as long as u try, usaha, Tawakkal. heee i love this quote:

STRIVE HARD, PRAY HARDER! InsyaAllah, semua settle. =)

Ni pulak jawapan apasal lah susah sgt hidup ni, apasal aku diuji
(padahal ramai lagi diuji dgn lebih berat lagi,, apelah aku ni) T____T

hah tulah tp cakap agak senang lah, SABAR, tp nak buat nya errr payah sikit, tapi xpe,, insyaAllah Allah akan sentiasa bantu hambaNya yang cuba mendekati-Nya. insyaAllah, insyaAllah, insyaAllah. =)

Wassalam. ;)

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